What’s growing at Whispering Springs: The Team

We’ve been plugging away at Whispering Springs Wilderness Retreat. Over the past few weeks we have had a few additions to our crew, and our team is finally complete! It is the hard work and dedication of everyone involved that is breathing life into Whispering Springs. The driving force behind it all is Nancy and John, who have left their sailboat and Bahamian living to undertake this Canadian venture. With decades of experience in hospitality and land development, John & Nancy bring not only knowledge, but also an inspiring and unwavering vision of what Whispering Springs Wilderness Retreat will one day become.
While there are many tiring and stressful days, we are cherishing this time with our friends & family.
  • Nancy, John & Coco

  • Our West Coast additions Chris & Adina

  • Lumberjack Dave

  • Jared workin’ hard

Our varied and talented team have congregated from across the country to help bring Whispering Springs to life. Jenna and Dave have said au revoir to Toronto and city living, and are embracing country life in Northumberland. While right now Dave is learning how to drive a John Deere and master a chainsaw, he will soon be concocting signature cocktails and planning events at The Watering Hole Guest Lounge & Bar. Our two newest worker bees, Chris and Adina, have joined us from the West Coast, bringing with them an abundance of knowledge and ideas. Later this summer Chris, who is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist and Adina, a qualified Yoga and Dance Instructor, will be hosting health & yoga retreats at Whispering Springs.
  • Tal and the crew from Dayton Group General Contractors

  • Coco relaxing in the beach sand of the future volleyball court

  • Nancy & Dawn working on our entrance sign

  • Jenna, Dave & Coco

We couldn’t do this without Tal, Matt, Dwayne & Travis, from Dayton Group General Contractors, who are working long days and are as excited about Whispering Springs as we are. We met Tal last year when he was renovating our cabin, and were so impressed by his hard work and craftsmanship that we decided to recruit him as head carpenter of Whispering Springs. Joining us all the way from Westport, Connecticut is Paul Harris, who affectionately refers to his time at Whispering Springs as “big boy camp”. From wielding the chainsaw to driving a dump truck, he is our resident jack-of-all trades. We would also be lost without Dawn Kieffer, Jared March & Monty King, friends who are quickly turning into family throughout this whole process. At least once a week we all congregate for a team lunch to chat about the progress and bounce ideas around. From landscaping and building tents, to staging and photography, right now we are all doing a little bit of everything (and learning a lot along the way). While there are many tiring and stressful days, we are cherishing this time with our friends and family. And we can’t forget, at the heart of it all is Coco, a little dog with a big personality. Coco is our resident cheerleader, greeting the hardworking crew each evening after a long day of work. When you come to visit Whispering Springs Wilderness Retreat you are likely to receive an excited welcome from our little fur ball.

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