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Real versus Fake: The Christmas Tree Debate

As households everywhere begin to think about purchasing and decorating their Christmas tree in preparation for the holidays, many families are deciding whether or not they are going to purchase a real Christmas tree or dig up the old fake tree from the basement. While it has been estimated that 60% of families now opt for fake Christmas trees, here is some important information you should consider when deciding which tree will be the centerpiece of your holiday festivities:

Real Christmas Tree

Few scents are more evocative of the holidays than the rich scent of a real Christmas tree. Despite what you may think, real trees are far more environmentally friendly than their fake counterparts – they provide oxygen to the environment, prevent soil erosion and are completely biodegradable (after the Christmas season many trees are used as compost or firewood). Real trees also support local businesses, and can serve as a habitat for indigenous wildlife. So while it is more expensive and time consuming to go out and buy a real Christmas tree every year, it may be the more responsible holiday choice. The ideal and most eco-friendly option is to buy a live tree with the roots intact, and replant the tree once the holidays have passed.

Fake Christmas Tree

Over the past few years many families have been opting for the convenience and simplicity offered by a fake Christmas tree. However, many people are unaware of their hidden dangers. The majority of synthetic Christmas trees are manufactured overseas, most of which are made with PVC, a non-renewable and environmentally offensive chemical that is harmful to the environment. Some fake Christmas trees (especially the older ones) contain lead and other additives that have been linked to liver, kidney, neurological and reproductive damage in animals. So while a synthetic tree may be the easy and economical choice, it may not be the best one for your family and the environment. If you do decide to invest in a fake Christmas tree try to ensure that it is PVC free and take care of it so that it will last for many years to come.