Green Initiatives at Whispering Springs Wilderness Retreat

At Whispering Springs Wilderness Retreat, it is our goal to preserve and protect the ecological integrity of the land. We are doing everything within our power to diminish our environmental foot print while helping to protect the habitat of local wildlife. Here are a few of the environmental initiatives taking place at the Springs:

  • Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

    Our housekeeping team exclusively uses natural and eco-friendly cleaning products to clean tent suites, helping to protect you as well as the local wildlife that we share the forest with.

  • Organic In-Tent Bath Products

    We are proud to carry Carina Organics, one of Canada’s premiere natural & organic hair and body care lines. To help reduce plastic waste we also use bulk packaging as opposed to traditional hotel-style toiletries.

  • Compost & Recycling

    At the springs we both compost and recycle, and encourage our guests to do so as well. Each tent is outfitted with a recycling bin and our compost is turned into fertilizer which we use in our gardens.

  • Organic Herb & Vegetable Garden

    We have an onsite organic herb and vegetable garden that we use to harvest ingredients for our Cook Your Own BBQ Dinner Baskets and signature cocktails (there is nothing quite like organic mint right from the garden in a refreshing mojito!).

  • Onsite Beehives & Wildflower Ecosystem

    We have our own beehives on the property and are dedicated to planting bee-friendly gardens that will help support the bumblebee community. Local honey from Whispering Springs is available for purchase at our Camp Store in The Watering Hole.

  • On-Demand Hot Water Systems

    Each tent is outfitted with an energy conserving on-demand hot water system with built in timers for the sink and soaker tubs. We ask that all guests be conscientious of their water usage throughout their stay at Whispering Springs.

  • Low Impact Accommodations

    All of the accommodations at Whispering Springs are low-impact and non permanent structures. What does this mean? It means that there was minimal disturbance to the environment during the construction process and that each tent has a much smaller ecological footprint than traditional hotel accommodations.

  • Solar Lighting & Low Energy Appliances

    Throughout the grounds at Whispering Springs you will find solar lanterns and lights and we utilize low energy appliances in our kitchen and laundry rooms. We are currently exploring other ways in which to incorporate green energy at Whispering Springs.

  • Water conservation, including voluntary reuse of linens

    While water is plentiful at Whispering Springs, there are many places in the world where it is not. Every guest is encouraged to be conscientious of their water usage and to reuse their towels and robes.

  • Use of Onsite Gravel Pit for Internal Roads

    A natural gravel vein that is located on the property supplies all the B Gravel for the internal roads and parking lots at Whispering Springs, allowing us to utilize our own natural resources.

  • Reuse & Recycling of Deadfall Trees

    We believe that no tree’s life should go to waste. Trees on the property that fall from natural causes are recycled and used for firewood and custom furniture.