Fall glamping essentials: What to bring on your autumn getaway

Fall is officially here, which means that along with stunning fall foliage and pumpkin spice lattes, we are also privy to chilly mornings and even chillier evenings. While this may not be a problem for the average person, it poses a bit of a challenge for the camper (or glamper) who wants to spend time in the wilderness during autumn. Here are a few things we suggest to bring along on your fall glamping getaway. Also, when you arrive at Whispering Springs Wilderness Retreat stop by The Watering Hole Guest Lounge & Bar. There is no better way to warm yourself up than with one of our signature cocktails, such as our delicious Cedar Smoked Old-Fashioned, S’mortini or our seasonal Angry Apple.

The onesie

While it’s hard not to feel slightly foolish in the endearing onesie (or like a 4-year-old), nothing beats it for warmth and comfort on those chilly fall evenings. While we plan on selling our very own onesies at Whispering Springs in 2018, for now you’ll have to bring your own, butt-flap and all.

Warm socks & slippers

Warm socks and slippers are key fall glamping essentials. Mornings in the great outdoors can be brisk, and the easiest way to prevent the chills is to keep those toes warm and toasty the minute you step out of bed. We suggest wrapping yourself in one of our plush robes, throwing on some cozy slippers and enjoying your morning coffee on your private porch as you watch the forest come to life.


Fall is the season of scarves for a reason – not only do they jazz up any outfit, but they also help keep you warm and comfortable during your fall hikes and outings. Pair it with a matching hat and mitts and you’ll be glamour camping ready.

Your favourite fall treats

Fall is all about those creature comfort foods. Whether it’s hot chocolate warmed up over an open fire, a piece of world-famous apple pie from the local Big Apple, or a s’more kit purchased from The Watering Hole Guest Lounge & Bar, stock up on your favourite goodies for your glamping getaway and visit some of the local markets, cafes and orchards in Northumberland County.

Electric blanket (for those who really can’t bear the cold!)

If you are a sun worshipper at heart and the very thought of winter sends chills down your spine, then you may want to consider bringing extra precautions on your glamping getaway. We do have hot water bottles available but for those extra thin-skinned gals (myself included), but if that’s not enough then an electric blanket should do the trick.

With its rolling hills, stunning fall foliage and quaint rural communities, autumn in Northumberland County is not to be missed, so don’t let the cooler weather deter you from escaping the city and experiencing a unique outdoor adventure. And hey, worst (or best) case scenario – bring along that someone special and generate your very own heat.