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Luxury Catamaran Charter in The Bahamas

Over the past ten years, John and Nancy Corcoran have been exploring the beautiful islands of The Bahamas on their Prestige Catamaran, from the idyllic Abacos to the friendly and welcoming Exumas. Sailing through the turquoise waters of The Bahamas on their 47-foot luxury Catamaran Bikini, they have discovered secluded white sand beaches, authentic Bahamian villages, and the essence of island living. Based in the Exumas, their days often commence with yoga on the beach, followed by kayaking, scuba-diving and windsurfing in the pristine waters of the The Bahamas. Afternoon lobster hunting and spearfishing generally determines the evening dinner menu, accompanied by wine and dessert while admiring the unparalleled beauty of a Caribbean sunset – this is a once in a lifetime Bahama sailing charter.

John and Nancy have enjoyed their sailing adventure so much that they want to share the experience with others. Nancy Corcoran was previously the Innkeeper of Ste. Anne’s Spa. With over 15 years of experience in the hospitality industry, Nancy will provide you with delicious meals, fine wine, and ensure that you have an unforgettable sailing vacation. John Corcoran was the owner of his own business, and is now an expert fisherman, certified scuba diver and avid sailor. John has been traveling to The Bahamas for over 40 years, and will assist you with all of your oceanic activities, from exploring the exotic reefs and mysterious blue holes of the Caribbean to catching your very first lobster!

“Sailing catamaran is the best way to visit Exuma, one the world’s most beautiful and secluded island chains…and John and Nancy have perfected the sailing charter”
– Guest Review
  • Based in Georgetown, Exuma
  • All-inclusive sailing vacation
  • Accommodate up to 4 individuals
  • 2 elegant staterooms
  • Private ensuite washrooms
  • Includes activities & excursions
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    Sail Bikini in the Exumas

  • Stocking Island

    Stocking Island, Great Exuma

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    Bahamian Sunset

  • Bahama Charter

    Fresh lobster

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