Nature speaks in whispers…come listen.

Love the great outdoors,
but don’t love roughing it?

Reconnect with nature in style and sophistication at Whispering Springs Wilderness Retreat, Northumberland County’s first luxury camping experience. Situated deep in the rolling hills of Shelter Valley, just 1.5 hours east of Toronto, Whispering Springs Wilderness Retreat offers all of the charm and comfort of a boutique hotel nestled within the Canadian wilderness.

When designing and envisioning Whispering Springs Wilderness Retreat our aim was very simple: We wanted to create a place in which individuals could slow down and reconnect with family, friends and the great outdoors. In today’s high-paced and technologically driven lifestyle, finding time to spend in the wilderness is becoming increasingly difficult. Yet now, more than ever, researchers are discovering just how important it is to remain connected to the natural world. However, we understand that the traditional camping experience is not for everyone. At Whispering Springs Wilderness Retreat we bridge the gap between camping and the desire for comfort, allowing you to experience the great outdoors in style and sophistication.

A place of gathering and connection

We believe that one of the most treasured aspects of the outdoor wilderness experience are the relationships forged and strengthened between fellow campers. From exchanging stories around a campfire to afternoon hiking adventures beneath the forest canopy, the wilderness has a captivating way of bringing individuals closer together. Our outdoor lodge-inspired Guest Pavilion and elegant Guest Lounge are the perfect locales to spend time with family & friends and to meet fellow glampers.

A great outdoors for everyone

Whether you are a seasoned hiker or new to the camping experience, at Whispering Springs Wilderness Retreat we have made it our goal to create an enjoyable and accessible camping experience for each and every guest. Experience the beauty and quietude of nature without the discomforts of traditional camping, in one of our luxury log-framed safari tents or Whisper Cabin. Our accommodations are artfully situated throughout the property to maximize your views and privacy.

Environmentally responsible & sustainable business

At Whispering Springs Wilderness Retreat we have made every endeavor to preserve and maintain the environmental and ecological integrity of the land. Our amenities and safari tents are strategically placed throughout the property to blend in with the natural landscape, and it is our aim to protect and preserve the natural beauty and habitat of the forest. We utilize alternative forms of energy throughout the campground (including solar panels and solar lanterns), green cleaning products, and eco-friendly toiletries.

We are a family owned and operated business and have called Northumberland County home for over 30 years. We look forward to sharing this rural retreat with our guests, and providing you with unparalleled hospitality and an unforgettable wilderness vacation.

The Corcoran Family